International Adoption

The „Eltern für Kinder Österreich“ association is an independent child and youth welfare organisation and has been active in the field of “international adoption counselling and support” since 1991.

With the help of EfKÖ, many Romanian orphans and a few Austrian children could be adopted by Austrian couples.

Austria’s ratification of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Children changed the field of “International Adoptions”. The Hague Convention guarantees for minimum standards which is very welcome. It is an attempt to stop the global trafficking of children.

bildIn the course of seven evening classes and a two-day course, you can make yourself familiar with the subject and get prepared for future challenges.

People interested in adopting a child from abroad require a foster care license issued by the responsible youth welfare authorities.

In Vienna, you can contact the Referat für Adoptiv- und Pflegeeltern (RAP), the Department for adoptive and foster parents, of the MAG ELF, 1090 Vienna, Schlagergasse 8. Phone: +43 (0)1 4000-90700

In other Austrian States, please contact the responsible youth welfare service.

In the preparatory course, you should not avoid to profoundly discuss subjects such as fertility problems, reasons for adoption and a life without children.

If you decide to adopt a child from abroad, you will require many documents which will be thoroughly examined by the child’s home country.

„Eltern für Kinder Österreich“ will gladly assist you.
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