Many questions arise at the beginning of the adoption process. This is an attempt to answer the most important ones.

Can you be too old to adopt?

The result of an adoption is that a child gets new parents; they are supposed to be there for them as long as possible.

Since there are is no legal maximum age range (due to the fact that under certain circumstances also adults can be adopted in Austria), the respective competent authority has to decide if it deems people fit for adoption.

Therefore, we can only make generalised statements here. Most authorities presume that the maximum age gap between a child and his/her adoptive parents should not amount to more than 40 to 45 years.

Is it important where I reside?

Yes, the federal State (Bundesland) in which the applicants reside is responsible for adoption proceedings. In the federal State, the suitability is assessed and children given up for adoption are matched to the families – usually within the same federal State.

Do I need to take classes?

Yes, future adoptive parents have to attend preparatory classes, which convey important information for the life as an adoptive family. Guiding an adopted child through life poses a special challenge for parents, which means they should be well prepared for this path. The classes are also a great opportunity to find out if you feel ready for adopting a child.

Is a suitability assessment always necessary?

Yes, for each adoption type (e.g. fostering, domestic or international adoption) future parents need to have their suitability assessed by an authority.